Evaluation of tender for Phase 2 of the main building construction of the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS) is continuing this summer. Pre-qualified bidders have agreed to extend the bid acceptance period to late August.

A scale model of the future Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan

This model of the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan is now on display on the Main Floor Mall of Royal University Hospital.

The extension was required to allow sufficient time for due diligence to fully complete the tender evaluation and award process. There was an initial aggressive 60-day bid acceptance period. The recent extension allows for a more typical acceptance period for a project of this scale and complexity. The tender evaluation team, which includes representatives from Ministry of Health and Saskatoon Health Region, will use the additional time to further negotiate and finalize the tender award recommendation. The overall evaluation process continues to be witnessed by a fairness monitor.

The final recommendation will then move forward for review and approval within Ministry of Health and to the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority. This is expected to be completed towards end of August. Phase 2 construction on the main building will begin soon after tender award.

See the evolving interior design

At the end of June, interior design teams gathered to review the latest interior drawings, as well confirm the final furniture types and layout throughout the new hospital including family spaces. We received valuable feedback which we will continue to incorporate and thank all those who were able to participate for their dedication and ongoing support.

Keeping up with the project
To keep up to date on the Saskatchewan Children’s Hospital project, check out the website, and follow the latest on Twitter and Facebook.

To kick off these sessions, ZGF Architects provided an overview presentation on overall interior to the main design team. This team included patient advisors, nursing managers, operational leaders, housekeeping, infection control and Children’s Hospital Foundation. ZGF’s presentation walks through how interior design concepts were established, have evolved over the past few years, and how ongoing valuable feedback has resulted in updated interior drawings and plans.

The presentation includes a number of new and revised interior drawings from areas throughout the hospital.

Operational planning continues to move forward

Operational planning continues with clinical areas actively working on the tasks required to prepare for future operations and their defined flows. Support areas are working to identify what changes need to be in place for opening day.

This work includes continuing to trial bedside registration and triage in pediatric emergency, developing and introducing bedside report handover in maternal services, completing implementation of bedside report handover in Acute Care Pediatrics, developing just-in-time methods for delivery of supplies, and working to further the building’s  information technology plan.

Watch the video of the presentation on overall interior design—June 2015