Marilyn Gibson was presented with the 2015 Muriel Jarvis Award at Saskatoon Health Region’s long service awards ceremony in June.

The Muriel Jarvis Award was established in 1998 to celebrate a Saskatoon Health Region or affiliated agency staff member that makes a positive difference in the lives of others by demonstrating dedication, compassion, dignity, respect, commitment, tenacity, generosity, humour, excellence, determination, wisdom, inspiration, and strength.

Marilyn Gibson personifies the merits modeled by Muriel Jarvis, is an inspiration to all those around her and is thoroughly deserving of the honour of receiving the Muriel Jarvis Award.

Marilyn Gibson is presented with the Muriel Jarvis Award in June.

Marilyn Gibson is presented with the Muriel Jarvis Award in June.

Marilyn started work at University Hospital, now known as Royal University Hospital, in June of 1980 as a food services supervisor in various roles including retail and patient food service.  She has been on numerous committees over the years and canvases annually for the Cancer Society.

Marilyn has shown dedication, commitment and determination over her 35 years of service to Saskatoon Health Region. She’s demonstrated generosity by her membership on numerous committees and associations, and has been a part of the Region’s Personnel Association committee for 30 years, the last 16 as president, which shows great tenacity.  In 2005, she received the Tony Dagnone “Spirit of RUH” award, and received a BRAVO award for the strength she has shown, and the inspiration she has provided to others.

Marilyn makes a positive difference in the lives of those around her on a daily basis, always putting the patient first.  It is not the duties that she performs that make her so worthy of this award.  It is the dedication she brings to all of her duties.  By putting in extra time every day to ensure the department is left in good shape for the next day, she demonstrates excellence.

Marilyn is a great role model for young supervisors, aiming to teach them to take pride in their work. Everyone that works with Marilyn is lucky to work with her, and people like her, filled with respect, compassion and wisdom, are not easy to find.

It’s clear she wants to do good for patients, the staff and her colleagues, and has great ideas and a ton of knowledge on which everyone can draw.  Marilyn is open to trying new things for the good of the organization, and is never too busy to talk to a staff member who is having a problem.

When her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Marilyn went back to school and earned a certificate in dementia care to help in the care of her mother.  Her strength in both her work and personal lives is a quality we should all strive to achieve.

Congratulations, Marilyn, on receiving this award!