They went above and beyond for their co-worker, who has a tendency to do the same.

The staff of the Intensive Care Unit at Royal University Hospital (RUH) wanted to do something special for Wilson Nalus, an Environmental Services Worker on their unit. Knowing he was planning a trip to Disneyland for himself and his family, the unit got together to present him with a package of gifts and a monetary donation towards the trip.  

The RUH ICU team gathers together.

Wilson Nalus (centre) with his basket of goods and his fellow staff members of the ICU at RUH, who wanted to give him something special for his efforts on their unit.

“It was in appreciation of all the hard work he does, his friendly attitude and going above and beyond,” explained Steve Noonan, Manager of Housekeeping at RUH. “He takes the initiative to perform deeper cleans when he has free time and when rooms are vacant and available to be more thoroughly cleaned.”

Nalus is well known in the ICU for his attention to detail, and his willingness to do what he can for the good of the unit. His coworkers just wanted to give him something in return for all of his efforts, and so they decided to help him have a bit more fun on his vacation.

“He really does a great job, often times doing more than we would expect,” said one of Wilson’s coworkers on the unit. “You can tell that his work is not just a job, but is something he is passionate about. This was our way of showing him that his presence on the unit does not go unrecognized.”