Patients, visitors and staff driving to Royal University Hospital (RUH) in Saskatoon are being encouraged to give themselves more time to arrive at the site and park through the rest of September and October.

Construction for Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS) is underway and crews will be digging up roads leading in and out of the parkade as they reroute existing water and sewer lines.

CHS location next to RUH

Roadways around RUH will be changing over the next few months as construction of CHS begins.

This work will affect traffic patterns coming to and from the Royal University Hospital site. It won’t affect parkade entrances or exits, or stalls within the parkade.

Drivers are asked to proceed slowly when entering the site, to watch for and follow signage, and to give themselves plenty of time when coming to hospital for work, appointments or to visit.

Road changes will be in place over the next month with phase one of the work having begun this week. Subsequent phases will result in an additional construction zone and the closure of some lanes to and from the parkade. The path of traffic will change with each phase, each being reduced to a single lane.

Emergency vehicle access to the ambulance bay will remain.

Staff who park in the parkade will need to allow extra time for arriving to work. This will be especially important during peak shift change hours.

Staff members are asked to inform patients and their families of the extra time required to park so they can make their appointed clinic or procedure times.

The work will also affect pedestrian walkways outside the parkade, next to the traffic lanes. The current walkway will be moved as needed to maintain pedestrian safety. Please watch for and follow signage accordingly.

Lanes will return to ‘normal’ after the initial infrastructure connections are completed in late October. In a few months, however, lanes and pedestrian walkways will again be affected as construction continues. More information will be shared as required later this fall.

For more information on construction, including traffic maps and site webcam, visit