The aftermath of an adverse or critical event can traumatize not only the patient but the healthcare providers as well.

That’s why Dr. Malone Chaya, an Anesthesiologist and the Director of Quality and Safety for the Department of Anesthesia, Donna Chalifoux with the Region’s Healthy Workplace Team and Beryl Ludwig with Occupational Health and Safety will be leading our Psychological Safety and Staff Support team.

The Safer Every Day Psychological Safety and Staff Support team.

Safer Every Day Psychological Safety and Staff Support team members (from left) Vanesa Vanstone, Beryl Ludwig, Donna Chalifoux and Dr. Malone Chaya.

The team is part of Safer Every Day, Saskatoon Health Region’s cycle of breakthrough improvements, and will be examining the impact that critical incidents have on physicians and employees and how to build clinician support after adverse and clinical events in the workplace.  This is one of six teams which will be working on improving safety within the region over the next three months.

You can join the conversation; share your stories and suggestions with the team so that they can build the sort of supports that are meaningful to you. Contact Dr. Malone Chaya, Beryl Ludwig or Donna Chalifoux.

The other five initial areas of focus include Team Communication and Performance, Mortality Review and Staff Support, Building Capacity for Safety and Quality Improvement, Clinical Process Improvement, and Leadership and Management for Safety.

The teams will be guided through 90 days of safety actions by a dedicated group of physicians, department heads, Health Region vice-presidents, and patient and family advisors, who will oversee the work of the teams in its entirety, ensuring they remain on track towards the overall goals of Safer Every Day.

For more information about Safer Every Day, the Region’s new safety initiative, visit