Sometimes the desire to drive quality and safety improvements doesn’t always align with time and capacity required by physicians and employees to do it.

That’s why one of the teams of Safer Every Day, Saskatoon Health Region’s cycle of breakthrough improvements, is working on Building Capacity for Safety and Quality Improvement. This team is led by Dr. Paul Babyn, Department Head of Medical Imaging and Angie Palen, Kaizen Specialist with the Kaizen Promotion Office.  

The team in action

Shari Furniss, Director Collaborative Learning and Development Health Quality Council (left),  Angie Palen, Team Co-Lead (middle) and  Ope Okunola, Ph.D Coordinator, IMG Program & Educational Programs Postgraduate Medical Education Office College of Medicine University of Saskatchewan (right) working on the blueprint or framework of the quality improvement curriculum for physician trainees (residents).

The goal of this team is to reduce risk for our patients, prevent harm and mistake proof our care delivery, while meeting post-graduate medical education training requirements by creating standardized quality improvement and patient safety training. This training will be provided to residents (physician trainees) and new, on-boarding physicians to Saskatoon Health Region.

This team aims to build stronger physician partnerships while developing staff and physician skills and capacity to lead improvements in safety and quality.

This is one of six teams which will be working on improving safety within the Region over the next three months.

If you have ideas for building capacity for safety and quality improvement, or wish to be a part of the team, contact Dr. Babyn or Angie Palen.

The other five initial areas of focus include Team Communication and Performance, Psychological Safety and Staff Support, Mortality Review, Clinical Process Improvement, and Leadership and Management for Safety.

The teams will be guided through 90 days of safety actions by a dedicated group of physicians, department heads, Health Region vice-presidents, and patient and family advisors, who will oversee the work of the teams in its entirety, ensuring they remain on track towards the overall goals of Safer Every Day.