Saskatoon Health Region has dedicated 90 days to implementing breakthrough changes that will make our system safer, called Safer Every Day.

Over the course of three months, teams will focus their efforts on six initial areas.

One of those teams, led by Bette Boechler and Petrina McGrath, will concentrate on Leadership and Management for Safety.

While the work of each team will continue to evolve as we move further into the 90 days of action, this team’s mandate at present is to look at the various ways safety issues are reported, and to improve the inconsistent follow up and recommendations associated with safety reporting. The team will also look at how to close the information loop around safety concerns with patients, families, physicians and staff.

The other five initial areas of focus include Team Communication and Performance, Psychological Safety and Staff Support, Building Capacity for Safety and Quality Improvement, Clinical Process Improvement, and Mortality Review.

The teams are guided through 90 days of safety actions by a dedicated group of physicians, department heads, Health Region vice-presidents, and patient and family advisors, who will oversee the work of the teams in its entirety, ensuring they remain on track towards the overall goals of Safer Every Day.

If you are interested in contributing to the work of the Leadership and Management for Safety team, please contact Petrina McGrath at or Bette Boechler at