It’s hard for staff to believe that it’s been an entire year since the first patient came through the door of the Convalescent Unit (CU) at Saskatoon City Hospital.

October 7 marks the one year anniversary of the opening of the 28-bed unit 6200 at Saskatoon City Hospital.

Dining room of CU

The dining room of the Convalescent Unit is bright and sunny.

Opening on the heels of Saskatoon Health Region’s Care Delivery Review and Design 3P event last year, the unit has been able to incorporate many of the principles from the breakthrough event, including a bedside shift report, bedside interprofessional rounds with the patient and family, as well as an interprofessional admission assessment process to minimize duplication of questions for the patient and family on admission to CU.

The nursing roles on CU have been designed to maximize scope of practice for all staff, with nursing working in a modified primary-team hybrid model, allowing all staff to work to their full scope.

To date, CU has seen over 360 patients come through the door with an average length of stay of just under three weeks. Feedback from the first year has been positive, with Therapies at St. Paul’s Hospital stating that CU has been one of the best things to happen to patient flow in many years, supporting Saskatoon Health Region’s recent work in that area.

Patient feedback has been positive as well. One patient wrote to the unit after her transition home stating, “it was nice to see other patients recovering in this unit and all felt the same as I did, being very fortunate to have this facility.”

Thank you to the staff of the Convalescent Unit and staff and physicians across the Region for all your efforts to continually improve the care and experience for our patients and families.

CU doors

The doors of the CU opened just a year ago.