Imagine if 14,000 employees, physicians, volunteers all made and acted on a personal commitment to try one small change that could make themselves, their workplace, or their patients/clients/residents Safer Every Day.  

RR-2015-10-pledge-challengeIt’s a question Dr. Susan Shaw, her fellow co-lead for Safer Every Day Petrina McGrath, and Lenore Howey asked managers and directors at the October 1st Leaders Staying Connected meeting. Their challenge to these organizational leaders was to make a pledge to make that small change and help leaders understand that first they need to create, understand and stoke a burning ambition to be better every day within themselves before inspiring others.

Get involved and be a change leader! Make your pledge today at Print and post your pledge on your area’s visibility wall and talk about it. Even the seemingly smallest change can make a big difference for you or those you serve.RR-2015-10-pledge-day-buttons