A recent full-day event focused on creating inspiring workplaces attracted 250 Saskatoon Health Region staff from many different areas, locations and sectors.

Healthy Workplace Summit 2015: Inspiring Workplaces: Creating Healthier, Happier Work Environments held October 14 at the Western Development Museum was attended by frontline staff, managers, support staff, emergency services, public health employees, and those based in rural, urban, community and acute care facilities. The event was presented by the Saskatoon Health Region Healthy Workplace initiative in celebration of Health Workplace Month in October.

The crowd at the summit

A total of 250 staff members from Saskatoon Health Region attended the Healthy Workplace Summit on October 14.

“It was a great cross-section of our staff,” reported Donna Chalifoux, Healthy Workplace Consultant with Saskatoon Health Region.

Those at the summit had an amazing day, Chalifoux added. “We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from those in attendance, and it is clear that the messages resonated and provided inspiration and motivation for us to work together to improve our work environments throughout the Saskatoon Health Region. Now we need to focus on keeping this fantastic energy going!”

Most of the day was given over to a workshop featuring Michael Kerr.

Michael Kerr

Michael Kerr is known as one of North America’s leading authorities on how to create more inspiring workplace environments and he spoke at the summit.

Kerr is known as one of North America’s leading authorities on how to create more inspiring workplace environments. His goal during the day was to provide as much relevant, practical content and inspiring ideas on how to build a fun, positive, high-performing culture as possible, and deliver those ideas in a fun – and sometimes even hilariously outrageous – way so the ideas stick.

Kerr shared a wealth of follow-up resources which staff can find on the Healthy Workplace InfoNet site.

“We invite you to look through these resources, share them with your coworkers, teams, managers or supervisors, and begin an ongoing conversation leading to action about how you can help to make your workplace better – more inspiring, more rewarding, more fun, a place where you want to be,” Chalifoux said.

Another important part of the day was recognizing the Region’s Healthy Workplace Champions for all of the great work they do to help inspire healthier workplaces in their units and departments.

Workplace Champions help distribute information on health and wellness programs to co-workers, speak about healthy initiatives at regular staff meetings, encourage members in their areas to participate in wellness programs, bring feedback and requests from coworkers to the Healthy Workplace Leadership Team, and are enthusiastic role models for their units or departments. Creating this network of Champions helps to build supportive environments and fosters a culture that reflects our shared values of respect, collaboration, excellence, compassion and stewardship.

“We had 21 new champions sign on to the Healthy Workplace Champion Network at the summit, which is fantastic,” said Chalifoux.

Champions are welcome to sign on at any time.

Those who attended the summit are asked to keep in touch with Healthy Workplace by sharing what teams are doing to put their learnings from the summit into action.

“We need to keep this positive energy going,” Chalifoux stated.

If you or your team would like to brainstorm about healthy workplace ideas for your area, or have questions, comments or ideas to share, or if you wish to sign on as a Healthy Workplace Champion, please contact the Healthy Workplace Initiative.