Bethany Pioneer Village does long term care right.

Surrounded by trees, this home is in a peaceful, park-like setting, noted Saskatoon Health Region CEO Dan Florizone when he visited Bethany, located near Middle Lake, earlier this year.

Aerial photo of Bethany Pioneer Village

Bethany Pioneer Village is nestled among the trees near Middle Lake, Saskatchewan.

It’s a home. Not a facility. The staff know the names of every resident and their family, their likes and dislikes. They care about and provide exceptional care for the people who live there.

Walking into Aspen Manor, the long term care home, you are greeted by smiling faces and the smell of home cooking. Residents can be seen chatting with staff, sitting quietly in the lounge areas, and participating in one of many activities coordinated on a daily basis.

Those who are able are encouraged to garden in the summer – there are raised gardening beds, flower beds, and even a raspberry patch on the grounds. Those who love to cook and bake are welcomed into the Activities’ kitchen to help. In spring and fall, the former farmers, who make up the bulk of the residents, are treated to crop tours of the surrounding fields.

It’s a special place.

We’ll tell you more about Bethany Pioneer Village, one of the outstanding affiliate facilities in Saskatoon Health Region, in the coming weeks.