Design elements in the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan are one step closer to finalization.

Interior graphics for many parts of the hospital were approved at a meeting between stakeholders, including Saskatoon Health Region employees, physicians, patient advisors and representatives from Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan on November 6.

“The review we did on November 6 was focused on looking at ZGF’s response to feedback they received at our interior design sessions held in June,” explained Craig Ayers, Saskatoon Health Region Project Director for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.

In June, ZGF Architects was asked to “to make bigger statements” by the teams which meant adding even more energy, fun and colour to the wall graphics. Teams also asked for even more integration of these wall graphics into wayfinding for a number of areas around the hospital.

For example, they reworked the graphic that welcomes visitors to the building, adding more detail and more of the animals that are represented on each floor of the hospital – deer, wolves, herons, butterflies and songbirds – as well as large, colourful flowers.

CHS entry graphic

This redesigned graphic welcomes visitors to the building.

“We added more colour, more characters, and made it more of an illustration that we hope is more engaging,” said Harris Levitt of ZGF Architects. One new addition families will find is colourful red canoes as children’s seating in the main floor café, as a fun element for kids.

A stronger theme has been implemented in the theatre on the main floor. Animals depicted in other parts of the hospital now gather on the walls of the theatre, popcorn in hand, sitting in their own seats, ready to enjoy the show.

Lively graphics have been added to the walls of the CHS theatre.

Lively graphics have been added to the walls of the CHS theatre.

Also, other graphics throughout the hospital are now bigger and bolder, and in some cases, more kid-friendly. On the second floor, wolves were the dominate animals given they were a number one picture with children during design sessions, particularly in northern Saskatchewan. Concerns were raised in June about the northern theme for the second floor, as teams felt the design seemed a little cold, and the wolves weren’t engaging enough for children.

ZGF took that feedback to heart, changed lone wolves to wolf families, and made the general atmosphere a bit more sunny.

“We have added some wonderful wolf pups, and brought in some flowers that bloom in spring up north. We warmed up the sun, to give it a welcoming sense of an early spring thaw,” said Levitt.

Graphics by CHS elevator

Wolf pups are now part of the graphics on the acute care pediatrics floor.

Birds have also been added to the graphics, which are more playful now than they were before.

Animal graphics carry through to each of the flow stations on each corner of the unit where health care providers will gather. Each of these stations are themed to a different animal – loons, moose, wolves, and hares. This not only makes the stations more interesting to look at, it helps with wayfinding for families and others that visit to the unit.

In the pediatric playroom, based on specific feedback from families and staff, the flooring has been made more interactive. It now looks like grass, with a stream running through it. The new design livens up the space, and adds elements which therapists can use when they are working with children on their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

In the pediatrics emergency and surgical area, there’s more colour to the lakes theme on the walls, and herons, marsh mice and birds have been added so there’s more of an animal story for kids to follow. The theme has also been added to the front of the reception desks, so that kids have something to look at while parents check in, and there are more characters in the emergency exam rooms now – birds, beavers, herons, and cattails have been added to the dragonflies that were already there.

At the end of the day, most of the new suggested design elements had been approved, with just a few areas needing some further design work such as the teen lounge.

“We were very happy with the feedback of the stakeholders, and with the changes ZGF has made,” noted Ayers. “This brings us very close to completing all of these graphic design elements for the new hospital.”

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