The Safer Every Day Team Communication and Performance team officially launched the implementation of the Team STEPPS tools on November 16 on Acute Care Pediatrics at Royal University Hospital.

Team STEPPS is an evidence-based teamwork system aimed at optimizing patient care by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals, including frontline staff. STEPPS stands for Strategies and Tools to Enhance Patient and Performance Safety.

Team STEPP Visibility wall

Staff are encouraged to share their successes and ideas at the visibility wall on Acute Care Pediatrics

“I know this work is just starting and you’re just kicking off but the amount of work, collaboration and teamwork that it’s taken to get you to this point already has been amazing,” said Petrina McGrath, co-lead of Safer Every Day at the TeamSTEPPS launch. “I have the privilege of knowing what’s happening week by week, and learning from the stories and problem-solving happening during the training. It’s just such an exciting piece of work.”

Dan FLorizone speaks to staff

Region President and CEO Dan Florizone congratulates staff on Acute Care Pediatrics for their work with the TeamSTEPPS training and tools – November 16, 2015.

According to Dr. Vicki Cattell, one of the team leads for the Team Communication and Performance group, the success of this initiative has been dependent on having interprofessional staff involved in the process from the very beginning.

“Every step of the way has had people involved from lots of different professions such as nursing, physicians, therapies and pharmacists to name a few,” said Dr. Cattell. “We’ve also had patient and family advisors involved as well so there are many lenses on this work and I’m very excited that we’ll continue to get feedback from everyone.”

Staff check out the Team STEPP visibility wall on Acute Care Pediatrics.

Staff check out the Team STEPPS visibility wall on Acute Care Pediatrics.

Kara Protz was one of those family advisors and says that she appreciated being brought in as a partner and team member. Protz interviewed 19 families on the unit to understand what information they wanted to know about their child’s condition and how they wished to participate in their child’s care.

“I feel like we truly developed resources that will make a more positive experience for families,” she said. “The more positivity you can create for families in these situations, the better their experiences will be.”

Now that they have launched TeamSTEPPS tools, the work continues as the team remains on target to reach their goal of training 180 people by the end of December.

“Special thanks to each and every one of you for the leadership and the teamwork you’ve shown,” said Dan Florizone, President and CEO of Saskatoon Health Region. “This really came from a concept to initiation in short order and that was only made possible by commitment, by people having willingness and a passion for this type of improvement work. So thanks for everything that you do for making our Region better every day, but most of all safer every day.”