What would it look like if we made the supports managers need, more accessible to them?

This was the question asked and answered during 90 Days of Innovation: Ready Every Day, when a trial of a new cellular model (a system of onsite supports) for manager support began.

The model is meant to free up time for managers so they spend less time on administrative tasks and can put more time toward supporting their patients and staff, improving care and the work environment. It’s also meant to help the Region meet fiscal management objectives, including reducing internal turnover, reducing overtime, and reducing sick time costs.

The first step was to transfer human resource and scheduling support directly in a patient care unit to provide direct, on-site assistance to managers. This was undertaken on several trial units at both Royal University Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon.

The results of these trials have been overwhelmingly positive.

“They (human resource staff) provide me with someone to work through operational issues with so we can provide the best patient care and provide a positive and safe work environment,” says Marion Woods, Manager of RUH 5300, one of the test units. “It’s a valuable partnership between us that is seeing results with overtime coming down significantly and vacancies being managed.”

Michelle Weber, Manager of RUH 6200, another test unit, agrees, “I have been able to spend less of my time on scheduling which allows me to focus on items that are appropriate for a clinical person such as myself to be addressing. My staff are more satisfied with how scheduling is addressed as well which makes for a better workplace for all of us.”

Human Resources continues to refine and expand the model, incorporating additional supports including the work of Resource Demand Optimization team on full implementation of the Region’s staffing principles. The cellular model has been rolled out without additional positions being added.

The Resource Demand Optimization team  is responsible for assisting directors and managers in utilizing current resources to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

In the video below, three individuals involved in the cellular model pilot, launched during our 90 Days of Innovation: Ready Every Day, talk about their experience at the most recent meeting of the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority.


In this video, Acting VP of People, Practice and Quality Patti Simonar presents to the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority, providing an overview of the Region’s continuous improvement journey, with particular focus on a the development of our patient first management system that incorporates a new breakthrough called the cellular model.