He made his debut pretty quickly, and ahead of schedule.

Saskatoon’s New Year’s baby of 2016, Jaxson John Diehl, was born after his mother was in labour for just two hours. His parents, Amanda and Shaun Diehl of Saskatoon, had only arrived at the hospital around midnight, and their son was born at 1:29 a.m. on January 1.

Jaxson John Diehl is Saskatoon's first baby born in 2016.

Jaxson John Diehl is Saskatoon’s first baby born in 2016.

Jaxson’s arrival on New Year’s Day was a surprise to his parents, as he wasn’t due for another nine days.

Amanda and Shaun Diehl with Jaxson, Saskatoon's New Year's baby for 2016.

Amanda and Shaun Diehl with Jaxson, Saskatoon’s New Year’s baby for 2016.

“We joked about having a New Year’s baby. We didn’t actually think it would happen,” Amanda told media the afternoon of January 1 as she snuggled her son in her arms.

Things couldn’t have gone better for her first delivery, Amanda noted.

“He came fast. He was ready to be with us. He’s a blessing,” she smiled.

Named for Amanda’s father, John, Jaxson weighed in at 6 lbs (2,730 grams). After spending about an hour staring at his mom, he slept the morning away, with his little hands raised up past his ears – a pose he didn’t seem to want to give up.

“He’s been a really good baby so far,” said Shaun.

“He’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful. It was a wonderful way to bring in the new year, that’s for sure,” Amanda said. “He’s a perfect little guy.”

What are their hopes and dreams for their little boy?

“To have him be successful in whatever his choices are in life. And just that he’s happy and healthy, and that he’s the best he can be,” said Amanda.

With sports addicts in their family, the couple is sure sports will be in their son’s future.

Amanda is originally from Humboldt, and Shaun from Saskatoon. Both are teachers with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Jaxson is their first baby together.