On Tuesday, January 5, in North Battleford, the world shifted for George Milnthorp and his family. Suffering a heart attack, care teams rushed to save him, and the 87-year-old was airlifted by STARS to Saskatoon. During that transport, his care team had to resuscitate him. He arrived in at Royal University Hospital’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU) in critical condition.

Twenty-four hours later, he sat up in his CCU bed, and was able to smile at his loving wife after having received a stent. He was given a new lease on life.


The Milnthorps

George and Nancy Milnthorp

“It was amazing,” says Stacey Meyers, Milnthorp’s granddaughter. “Thank you so much to the doctors, nurses, managers and support staff of CCU at Royal University Hospital. Thank-you to STARS pilots and staff for the exceptional care that my grandfather received. Twenty-four hours ago, we did not think the outcome would be good, and he has been told today that he is a miracle.”

Meyers says her grandfather was personally greeted and hugged by one of the STARS nurses who had worked to keep him alive the day before. Then, the CCU nurse manager stopped by to listen to George tell his story about the whole ordeal.

“My grandfather and our family were so touched by those personal visits and the extra time staff took to listen to him tell his story. Grandma was in this very same situation eight years ago here in CCU, and we were told she likely would not survive. But they are celebrating their 68th year of marriage this year,” says Meyers. “Being a caregiver myself, I know how much it means to be recognized for a job well done. Our family, especially George and wife Nancy, would like to thank all involved on the CCU and STARS teams for how quickly they responded, for the professional manner in which George and all family were treated, and for the very personal way that he was touched by it all.”

“It is just a very special story, since both have survived major cardiac events where the outcome could have been very different, and they both have been blessed with more time together and hopefully an increased quality of life at 87 and 89 years of age. Some were calling them the poster couple of CCU,” laughs Meyers.