When kids come to the hospital and register as day surgery patients or inpatients, they are given the gift of a teddy bear from Teddy Bears Anonymous.

The sole purpose of Teddy Bears Anonymous is to supply teddy bears for sick children in hospitals. The organization survives on donations, like those gathered by the registration staff at Saskatoon’s three acute care centres throughout the year.

Staff and Teddy Bears Anonymous representatives

Registration staff present Jan and Luke Lawrence (right) with their donation to Teddy Bears Anonymous.

On January 13, Registration services at St. Paul’s Hospital presented a donation to Teddy Bears Anonymous in the amount of $9,500.

The registration staff at St. Paul’s Hospital held a bake sale and a used book sale, as well as raffled off some items to raise the funds for Teddy Bears Anonymous.

“We worked really hard this year,” said Joe Bichel, Manager, Registration Services at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Teddy Bears Anonymous donation jar

These donation jars for Teddy Bears Anonymous are placed at main registration desks at Saskatoon’s three acute care centres.

“The majority of the money actually came from the donation jars we have at each of the desks in the main registration areas at all three hospitals in Saskatoon. A surprising number of people put money in those jars,” Bichel said. “And it’s amazing how much change adds up through the year, and how many people believe in the Teddy Bears Anonymous cause.

“It all adds up,” said Luke Lawrence, who heads the charity with his wife, Jan. “Our fundraising is always ongoing, and you create awareness (about us) here in Saskatoon. That’s huge…. We can’t thank you guys enough.”

Watch for more fundraising events for Teddy Bears Anonymous at Saskatoon City Hospital and Royal University Hospital.