Cliff, a truck driver for nearly 37 years, had a close call when travelling through Saskatoon recently.

On January 10, the Manitoba trucker left Winnipeg and made a delivery to Regina. Then he made his way to Saskatoon, arriving just before midnight. After a night’s sleep in his bed in the sleeper area in his truck, he woke up on January 11 not feeling well.


Cliff, a truck driver from Manitoba, who had a health crisis while in Saskatoon last month.

But he got up as usual, ate some breakfast at a truck stop, and began his work day as he always does – with a pre-trip inspection of his truck and trailer. He started his truck, and while it warmed up, went back into the truck stop to grab a coffee to go.

He then set out to travel across Saskatoon, get his trailer loaded, and head back to Winnipeg.

“I thought that the toast and coffee and getting to work might make me feel better,” Cliff recalled. “I was two blocks from the shipper when I realized that I was in serious trouble and that I needed medical help.”

Luckily, he was near a safe place where he could quickly park his truck and trailer. He placed a quick call to his wife to tell her he was having a health issue and was going to seek help. He then called 9-1-1, and an ambulance arrived in less than three minutes.

In less than 10 minutes, he was at the emergency department of Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

“I was having a heart attack. I cannot even begin to explain how fast things were happening to me there,” Cliff said.

“I had a blocked artery that was opened and a stent put in place. In very short order, I was out of Cath Lab and into the Coronary Care Unit, where I received excellent care. I was discharged on Friday, January 15, and I feel great.

“I want to thank the very talented people who saved my life and made sure I had a full recovery and also kept me comfortable throughout it all – surgeons, doctors, nurses, technicians, the ambulance team, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, and everyone else involved,” Cliff stated. “I very much want to thank the City of Saskatoon and the people of Saskatchewan. This Manitoba truck driver thanks his western neighbours.”