“This new Smart IV Pump technology is about improving patient safety,” says Jackie Mann, Vice President of Integrated Health and project sponsor for the Saskatoon Health Region. “The new Smart Pumps differ from typical infusion pumps because they are pre-programmed with a drug dosing library which adds another layer of checks when it comes to safe delivery of intravenous (IV) fluids and drugs.”

New Smart IV Pump

The new Smart IV Pumps can reduce errors associated with IV medication administration by checking manual calculations and providing alerts when programming errors occur.

Smart IV Pumps are being rolled out to health regions across the province this year in collaboration with 3S Health. Approximately 1,000 of the 3,000 pumps the province purchased will be used in both rural and urban centres within Saskatoon Health Region. Roll out of the new pumps is scheduled for early fall once all users are trained on their use.

Smart IV Pumps are electronic devices used to deliver fluids, medications and nutrition to patients. They differ from typical infusion pumps in that they are pre-preprogrammed with a provincial drug library. Pharmacists, physicians, and nurses from across the province worked together to create and validate the drug library that will populate the drug error reduction software.

Saskatoon Health Region has a cross functional team working behind the scenes to prepare for the fall roll-out. We continue to benefit from the learnings of the other health regions that implement ahead of us. A special thanks goes out to the Region’s pharmacy team who were absolutely integral in developing the drug library for the pumps.