Flowers, a special meal and time with friends… these are all things we would choose to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year, the residents of Spruce Manor Home in Dalmeny celebrated in just this way.

The “La Maison de Maitre Epinette” was established on February 11 in the Spruce Manor dining room. It was attended by all of the residents of Spruce Manor Home. The luncheon experience included flowers, a bottle of sparkling juice, and a special-occasion printed menu on every table. The residents made their meal choices from the menu, which included a choice of squash soup or caesar salad as an opener, a main course of ribs or chicken kabobs, baked potatoes with all the fixings, vegetable of the day, and garlic toast, cheesecake with a dark cherry garnish for dessert, and special beverages throughout.

Beverly Evin, Administrator of Spruce Manor Special Care Home, serves the residents at the Valentine's Day supper.

Beverly Evin, Administrator of Spruce Manor Special Care Home, serves the residents at the Valentine’s Day supper.

 The meal was prepared by dietary staff and administration, recreation and volunteers.  Individual table service was provided by care staff, environmental staff, laundry staff, and administrative staff. There was much chatter and music throughout the meal.

Some residents sampled every option, while others had second servings of their favourite. The sparkling juice offered as a beverage was a big success; there was none remaining at the end of the meal.

What caused this celebration to touch the lives of the residents of Spruce Manor? Passion, creativity, leadership and team work were at the root of the event. Inspired by an idea from Administration wanting to be part of creating a meal, the recreation team chose Valentine’s Day, and the idea was quickly embraced by leadership and dietary staff.  Dietary and activities staff worked together to create a menu, (knowing some of the favourites of the residents), recreation staff spearheaded creating a “posh” restaurant in the dining room, and staff wore red or pink clothing to fit the theme as they took orders and served meals.

The kitchen staff quickly dished up meals that were individually placed as selected by each resident.

What did the residents have to say?

“Did you get this on video, so you could see how it felt? It was wonderful, like Lawrence Welk,” said another.


“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


 Ladies in Red

Ladies in Red


An older couple share a kiss.

Ben, a resident in Spruce Home Manor, and his wife Elizabeth, who lives in the attached assistant living facility, share a moment for Valentine’s Day.