Health Regions across Saskatchewan are implementing Smart IV Pumps. Saskatoon Health Region, is scheduled to transition to the new smart pumps in early fall.

Smart Pumps are electronic devices used to deliver fluids, medications and nutrition to patients. They differ from typical infusion pumps in that they are pre-programmed with a provincial drug library. Pharmacists, physicians, and nurses from across the province worked together to create and validate the drug library that will populate the drug error reduction software.

What’s happening?

Inventory kits were delivered to managers last week

Inventory kits were delivered to managers last week

A steering committee, led by Jackie Mann, Vice President of Integrated Health, has been working to coordinate the planning and implementation of approximately 1,000 large volume IV pumps and 30 LPCA pumps and the associated provincial drug library within Saskatoon Health Region.

  • Pump Inventory – As the rollout of Smart IV Pumps will be a straight exchange (one of our current Plum A+ pumps for one new Plum 360 Smart IV pump), managers are currently completing an inventory of all pumps in their area; thank you to everyone for your assistance. Once all the packages are returned this week, the committee will be able to begin the ordering process. If you have IV pumps in your area and have not been contacted regarding the inventory, please contact Nicole at
  • New process for out of Region patient transfers on IV – A new process has been established to minimize the risk of medication errors for out of Region transfers. This is a safety measure being put in place during this time period that some health regions have old pumps and some have new pumps. The new process means that for all transfers, nurses will discontinue and discard pump tubing, solutions and medication infusions and change IV solutions/medication infusions and equipment to current Saskatoon Health Region standards. This process will continue until all Regions have completed the transition to Smart IV Pumps.
  • Training for Smart IV Pumps – Training is mandatory for all staff that use IV pumps. Training rooms have been booked over four weeks starting in early October for urban sites. Rural training is planned for late September.
  • Tentative Go Live dates – The planned go live dates within our Region are October 11 for rural and November 1 for urban.

More information will be shared as the project continues to move forward.

Project Sponsor: Jackie Mann / Project Members: Dr. M. McDonald; Doreen Zimmer; Jason Warnes; Dean Shinkewski; Carey Redekopp-Kroeger; Evelyn Seip; Mellissa Schommer; Leona Braitenbach; Erika Stebbings; Michael Losie; Nicole Wohlgemuth; Melissa Pylypchuk; Sasha Burrows