Dr. Mike Moser is a transplant surgeon at St. Paul’s Hospital. When he learned that St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation was raising funds to advance the transplant operating room, he had no hesitation in getting involved. He enlisted the help of his patient Angelina Whitedeer from Fond du Lac, who had a wonderful and moving story to tell about her son’s transplant, which he hopes will inspire others to make a donation in support of the operating room advancements.

“Eli is my one and only son,” said Whitedeer. “I told the doctor that I would do anything to help him”. Eli was receiving dialysis and on the transplant list when his family found out that his mother’s kidney would be a good match for Eli. “I had been counting the days, every day,” said Angelina. “When I found out I could give my son my kidney, I was so happy I cried.”

Angelina Whitedeer, her son Eli and Dr. Mike Moser

Angelina Whitedeer, her son Eli and Dr. Mike Moser

So, in the winter of 2012, Angelina underwent the transplant surgery that removed a kidney, and gave it to her son. The surgery went well, and today Eli is living the life his mother thought he might never have: “I’m so happy he is back to normal, because he means everything to me,” says Whitedeer.

Watch Dr. Moser’s moving story of patients Angelina and Eli Whitedeer.


“Every transplant has an organ donor hero like Angelina,” said Dr. Moser. “I hope this message will also inspire people to talk to their loved ones and let them know their wishes with regards to organ donation.”


St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation is more than halfway to raising $4.9 million to advance all eight operating rooms at St. Paul’s Hospital. New advanced integrated suites – a first for Saskatoon hospitals, will improve efficiencies, reduce wait times, create the conditions to attract and retain world class surgical teams and prepare St. Paul’s Hospital for a future of surgical innovation.

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