Saskatoon Health Region has created a team of allies to help lead and support safety at all levels of the organization.

The Quality of Care Committee is a region-wide team designed to support the Region in assessing, monitoring and improving the quality and safety of care and services across the organization.

“The Quality of Care Committee brings together physician leaders, members of our senior and operational leadership teams and a patient advisor to focus onRR-2016-05-31-QCC-2 improving quality and safety,” says Petrina McGrath, Vice President of People, Practice and Quality. “The committee will continue to monitor the progress and the priorities coming out of the Safer Every Day 90-day initiative, as well as the implementation of recommendations from critical incidents reports.”

The committee will also dive into frequently occurring safety concerns and system-level quality and safety issues identified through other areas of the Region.

The committee was initially formed in the summer of 2015, but as the work of the Safer Every Day 90-day initiative intensified, bringing the team members together on a regular basis understandably became a challenge.

“Now we’ve re-grouped and built a larger cross-representational team, with more physician involvement,” says Dr. George Pylypchuk, Vice President of Practitioner Staff Affairs. “Years ago, physicians led improvements in the quality and safety of healthcare. We’d like to develop a system where  physicians are once again at the forefront of driving quality and safety improvements across the Region and at all levels of care.”

“A lot of great work happened during Safer Every Day, and we continue to work on spreading improvements areas across the system,” explains McGrath. “For example, our work on recognition of sepsis and initial response at St. Paul’s Hospital  needs to be rolled out to other sites.”

By creating a shared leadership approach between senior and operational leaders and physicians, McGrath expects that greater improvements can be made to the system to prevent future harm.

“The Quality of Care Committee  is dedicated to creating more sustainable change and creating a safer care environment and a quality care environment for our patients, clients and residents as well as a safer work environment for our employees and physicians,” says McGrath.