The “Blueprint of Life” mural behind St. Paul’s Hospital Cameco Community Renal Building (across 20th Street from hospital) is now complete.

RR-2016-06-08-SPH-mural1The huge 72 foot long wall mural was painted by students from the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op, Boys & Girls Clubs of Saskatoon and the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs, who were in Saskatoon on an exchange program. Patients, families, Region employees and community members also took part in the two-day event.

“It is so much fun to take part in something that contributes to brightening the neighbourhood,” said one of the visiting Club members. “The colours and symbols are so vibrant.”

The mural celebrates the genetic blueprint of all living things, our DNA, and is a project of St. Paul’s Hospital Healing Arts Program. Marlessa Wesolowski, the Program’s artist-in-residence, explains why having volunteer youth program partners in projects like this is so important.

“Art is a wonderful means for engaging youth. Projects like the mural allow youth to channel their energy into creativity and contribute to community while building connections and confidence.”RR-2016-06-08-SPH-mural2