Submitted by Sherri Julé, Manager Pre-hospital EMS & Erika Stebbings, Clinical Nurse Educator

The International Round Table of Community Paramedicine (IRCP) annual conference, which was held June 3 and 4 in Saskatoon, brought together Paramedics and health care professionals from many different disciplines to build, grow and share lessons learned in community paramedicine. This year, 150 participants attended a session that involved 30 lecture style presentations and brain storming opportunities.

Community Paramedicine is a model of care where paramedics apply their training and skills in non-traditional community-based environments outside of the usual emergency response/transport model. The community paramedic practices in an expanded role; working in non-traditional roles using existing skills.*

Attendees at the International Round Table of Community Paramedicine (IRCP) conference in Saskatoon June 3 and 4.

Attendees at the International Round Table of Community Paramedicine (IRCP) conference in Saskatoon June 3 and 4.

What did we learn?

Attendees at the conference

From left: Anita Bergen of Saskatoon Health Region, Faron Nakaska of MD Ambulance, Pat Stephenson of Stonebridge Crossing Retirement Community, Andrew Williamson of MD Ambulance, Sherri Jule of Saskatoon Health Region were part of a panel discussion about community paramedicine in Saskatoon Health Region.

  • Community Paramedicine (CP) is expanding all over the world.
  • Many health care disciplines are engaged in building CP initiatives that are innovative and patient/client/resident-focused.
  • There are many CP projects occurring around the world performing similar work and acquiring similar successes, which adds credibility and substance to this care model;  the power is in the numbers.
  • There are abundant opportunities to grow CP projects in almost any community, dependent on the community needs. Community Paramedicine is diverse, flexible and an efficient way to provide services for ‘in the moment’ and ongoing health care needs.

What are next steps?

  • Standards for Community Paramedicine
  • Pooled data sets for large scale review
  • A strategic plan for the next steps to determine how to apply Community Paramedicine on a large scale


Presentations from the conference are available for review at: