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Children needing to stay overnight at Saskatchewan’s new maternal and children’s hospital have received a welcome boost from a Saskatoon family. Ian and Barbara McNaughton and family are supporting a new Pediatric Inpatient Room at Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, which is currently under construction.

The new patient room is one of 45 private inpatient rooms located on the second floor, which is dedicated to pediatric care, at Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. The private room design offers one of the best examples of promoting wellness and a sense of healing to a sick or injured child. These rooms help reduce stress on children and their families by providing ample space, peace and quiet for a comfortable night’s sleep, all while improving infection control. The 100 per cent private rooms found throughout the hospital also offer the most comfortable environment possible for the patients’ families as each includes space for visitors and a place for a parent to sleep.


Ian and Barbara McNaughton and family are supporting a new Pediatric Inpatient Room at Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.

“We are pleased to be able to be a part of making the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan a reality. Our family has roots in Saskatchewan from the 1870s. We have long seen the need for a hospital dedicated to serving the children of our province and making them feel more comfortable in an often difficult situation,” said Ian and Barbara McNaughton of their gift to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan (CHFS). “The layout, design, specialized services and modern amenities will help to make our children and their families’ experience less stressful and be better served.”

Large, bright windows offer a view of the South Saskatchewan River’s beautiful surroundings and provide a natural light source proven to elevate moods, regulate sleep and decrease stress. Single patient rooms minimize the spread of infectious diseases and enhance care by providing privacy not only for the family but also for patient consultations with clinicians. Studies show that this can have a positive effect on decreasing a patient’s length of stay. Additional features of the second floor, where this Pediatric Inpatient Room is located, include special family spaces, an outdoor patient play area, a school room, as well as Saskatchewan’s first Pediatric Sleep Lab.

“Planning for the Children’s Hospital for Saskatchewan has been a decades-long effort by many dedicated people. This is now becoming a reality. Our family is pleased to be a part of this significant and crucial project that will benefit children and families of our province in many ways,” said Ian and Barbara McNaughton.

Construction on the new 176-bed Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan is approximately 20 per cent complete and is scheduled to open in 2019.

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