Seven teams of staff members from Wynyard Integrated Facility competed in a very special games in Wynyard in early June.

The evening event started out with a fundraising barbecue of hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and dessert, which drew a large crowd of supporters.

“We served over 250 people, and everyone seemed to enjoy the hand-made burgers,” said Cheryl Sinclair, Interim Site Leader/Manager of Client Services at Wynyard Integrated Facility.

The proceeds from the barbecue and other fundraising efforts will go towards the development of the outside resident area between the Gold and Rose houses of Golden Acres, the long-term care portion of the facility.

Team McDreamy and his Steamies

First place in the games was won by the team named “McDreamy and his Steamies”.

The main event – the games – began at 7 p.m. with opening ceremonies. The seven teams paraded around and showed off their flags and costumes for the crowd.

A wheelchair race was the first event of the games. In this race, staff had to push a wheelchair around the flowerbeds with a teammate riding inside, holding an IV pole.

“It was very entertaining to watch,” said Sinclair.

The second event was a bean bag toss, where staff had to toss a bean bag between the rungs of a ladder to get points.

“Let’s just say some of the staff has terrible aim,” Sinclair said, laughing.

The next few events included “Run, girl run”, “Hug a friend”, “The skinner race”, and last but not least, the “Bed pan relay.” In this final event, team members had to spin around five times using a stick and then pick up a bed pan filled with water. They then had to make it to the other side without spilling the water or falling over. Each teammate took a turn, and the first team to cross the finish line won.

At the end of the competition, points were tallied up and there were medals for the top three teams. In third place were “The Golden Girls”, second place went to the “Four Leaf Clovers”, and first place was won by “McDreamy and his Steamies”. The first place received a trophy, which will be displayed in the facility.

The Golden Girls team

The Golden Girls team placed second in the games.

“Everyone who came out – participants and spectators – had a lot of fun with this,” said Sinclair.

“It takes real teamwork to hold an event like this,” noted Karen Levesque, director of Seniors’ Health Services with Saskatoon Health Region. “The great participation from staff shows there was a lot of interest, and they all had fun doing something that ultimately benefits the


The Four Leaf Clovers

The Four Leaf Clovers placed third in the games in Wynyard.

Team Fast and Furious

Team Fast and Furious

Team Scared Hitless

Team Scared Hitless

Team Wii Not Fit

Team Wii Not Fit

Team Icelandic Invasion

Team Icelandic Invasion