Story courtesy Royal University Hospital Foundation

Royal University Hospital Foundation (RUHF) is helping health care at RUH move from good to great.

And every day, donors are rising in support of that challenge to help usher Saskatchewan’s primary acute and critical care hospital into a new era of health care, one that continues to attract the best medical professionals, uses the most advanced technologies and procedures and saves lives, possibly even the life of someone you know and love.

RUHF has embarked on its most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. The GREATE.R. Campaign for emergency, critical care and trauma priorities is raising $20 million by 2018 with one main goal – transformational patient-centred care.

You can help us get there.

Every minute of every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, our healthcare teams treat the most critically ill patients in Saskatchewan.

Now it’s time to rise to the challenge – invest now in staff education, advanced technology, innovative research and building the necessary space and programs so RUH can continue its evolution as a leader in patient-centred care.

Your contribution to the GREATE.R. Campaign will help save lives.

If you have never experienced an emergency it can be difficult to imagine. Yet every day someone’s daughter, mother, husband or friend is rushed to RUH in unexpected need of critical care.

Campaign signTo keep pace with the needs of patients, RUH is enhancing its programs and services, especially in its critical care areas. The focus is on adult emergency critical care and trauma services, as well as the technology and equipment to support improved testing, safety and wait times.

The GREATE.R. campaign will invest:

  • $10 million in the Emergency Department – RUH is expanding and improving to both meet today’s demands and build toward the future.
  • $8 million in technology and equipment – so that medical teams have the necessary tools for exceptional patient and family-centred care.
  • $2 million in people and programs – to attract, retain and train top medical professionals.

Investments will also include a dedicated CT scanner and a bedside drug dispensary for the new Emergency Department. We will provide our medical laboratory with new equipment and upgrade the present pneumatic tube systems (for in-hospital samples transmission). Upgrades to RUH operating theatres will include O-Arm medical imaging equipment and technology. And we will invest in remote Telehealth robotics that will connect patients from rural and northern communities with their specialists at RUH.

We want Saskatchewan families, including yours, to have access to the best care possible – for when the unimaginable happens.ED doctors

Thanks to you, the GREATE.R. campaign is off to a great start, and already is helping to save lives at RUH.

As of March 31, 2016, donors have contributed $5.58 million to the GREATE.R. Campaign for urgently needed equipment for the Emergency Department, the Trauma Program Pilot and critical care priorities including much-needed emergency and surgery equipment, scholarships, fellowships and research.

Through donor support, the Foundation has granted $4.06 million in 2015-16 for pressing priorities at RUH, which for 60 years has been a leader in providing specialized care to patients in Saskatoon and in central and northern Saskatchewan.

But more needs to be done as RUH faces challenges to remain at the forefront of patient-centred care. Our aging population is expanding, and it is estimated that seniors will represent 23.3 per cent of Saskatchewan residents by 2035, an increase of almost nine per cent from 2011. Saskatoon is expected to reach a population of 500,000 by 2032.

The current RUH Emergency Department built in 1978 was meant to handle 22,000 visits per year. In 2015, nearly 60,000 individuals and families used the Emergency Department.

The challenges posed by a growing and aging population are tremendous. The needs of patients are changing and RUH must continue to keep pace. Patients are now asking to access programs and services in innovative ways, yet funding often falls short of what’s needed to support innovation and improved care.

But donor support to the GREATE.R. Campaign already has made an impact. In its first year, the campaign contributed to life-saving improvements at RUH for patients by engaging donors and volunteers.

Saving lives is a daunting task – one that our medical teams face every day – and they need your help. There is no donation too big or too small – every donation means so much. When patients and their families need us the most, your support will help us give them the best care possible.

For more information or to learn how you can support RUH Foundation’s The GREATE.R. Campaign for emergency, critical care and trauma priorities, contact Lisa Laskowski, RUH Foundation Chief Development Officers at 306-655-6530 or donate online at