What is The Region Reporter?
The Region Reporter is the newsletter of Saskatoon Health Region. We publish our stories in a bi-weekly newsletter but also on this site.

What is Saskatoon Health Region‘s role in providing health care in the province?
Saskatoon Health Region is an integrated health delivery agency providing a comprehensive range of services and programs including but not limited to hospital and long term care, public health and home care, mental health and addiction services, prenatal and palliative care.

We are the largest employer in the City of Saskatoon with more than 800 physicians and more than 12,000 registered nurses, other health care service and support workers, and managers. We are the largest health region in the province of Saskatchewan serving 291,000 local residents in more than 100 cities, towns, villages, RMs and First Nation communities. We are a provincial referral centre providing specialized care to thousands of people from across Saskatchewan.

Why do my comments not appear right away?
We welcome your comments about the stories and information we publish on this site, however they may not appear right away because they are moderated (reviewed – and edited if necessary) prior to posting. This is done to encourage and ensure respectful and value added dialogue is maintained.

As the Health Region believes that our daily actions, interactions and decisions should reflect our stated values of respect, compassion, excellence, stewardship and collaboration; comments are moderated based on these values.

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